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In the classroom

As a voice teacher, Kyle maintains a private studio in New York City and holds faculty positions at Bard, Molloy University, and Lehigh University. Kyle has given masterclasses at his alma mater Illinois Wesleyan University, University of Tulsa, Loyola University, Montana State University, Buckhill Skytop Music Festival, and returns semi-annually to the Bethesda Summer Music Festival.

Additionally, Kyle offers "Find Your Voice" for Transgender Men and Women who are working through their transitions. 

To book a lesson click on the link and let Kyle know what type of lesson (singing or find your voice, and how long a lesson you'd like.) Be sure to leave your name and the best way to contact you!

Book a Session

Voice Lessons

60 Minutes - $150 

45 Minutes - $113

30 Minutes - $75

Find Your Voice

30 Minutes - $35

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